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“The Dark Clouds at Work: How to Manage Depressed Staff in the Workplace Whilst Increasing Morale & Productivity”

How do you deal with depression in the workplace? As a manager, a boss, or human relations director what do you do when one of your staff becomes depressed? How do you recognise it and how do you intervene? As a colleague, what do you do for a work mate? How do you offer support?

Hi, I’m Dr Darryl Cross and I’m a clinical and organisational psychologist. In the next few minutes I want to show you not only how debilitating depression can be, how it impacts morale and productivity at work and how it cuts into the bottom line, but what to do about it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

As a leader or manager, you will see how to actually identify depression, and assist an employee, how to have the conversation with them, and how to monitor them over time. You will also see how to put in place prevention programs that will save you time and money.

As a colleague, peer or workmate, you will see how to effectively assist without making matters worse.

As a sufferer of depression, you will see what you need to do to help yourself; that help is available and that you’re certainly no ‘orphan’ when it comes to people with depression.

And yes, if you have a boss who is depressed, then you will see how to bring up the topic or what else you can do.

Over the last few years, I have seen an increasing number of people becoming depressed at work. Maybe it was work that caused the problem, or maybe it was life itself or maybe it was a combination of problems, but the issue remains …depression occurs… and it can be debilitating, not only for the person, but for the company or team where productivity drops and morale plummets.

“I have personal experience of how depression can affect people at all levels of business, including the very top, sometimes without them even realizing they have it. As a professional speaker, motivator, business owner and writer, I believe Dr. Cross’ book should not only be up there in the ‘must haves’ of every business owner’s bookshelf, but actually in their hands – reading it.”

Phil Gosling, Disley, United Kingdom, Author of Success Engineering, www.success-engineering.com

At last, this is a practical “how-to” book for those in the workplace. Depression is a mental health illness and for many bosses and work friends, it can be a confusing and unsettling experience where many feel overwhelmed and somewhat at a loss. This book shows you how to deal with it.

Your investment for the audiobook is US$9. You get the entire book professionally narrated for you in MP3 format, so you can listen in the car or on your iPod or on any other device anywhere. If you’d prefer however, you can also obtain a hardcover version or a Kindle version, but clicking on the alternative link above.