The simple fact is that a small number of strikingly effective and simple techniques are just a few moments away for only a fraction of the cost of Human Resources intervention and lost productivity and time. That’s why I wrote the book – to empower you with the same techniques that would cost you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars during face-to-face consultations, acquiring written and verbal reports and engaging in any number of external liaisons or consulations.

But this is nothing. Is there a cost to pain and suffering? Is there a price on confusion? Is there a price on your stress at not knowing what to do or when? What price do you place on an investment that can very quickly resolve huge issues with an employee, and enable you to feel more in control, and in the process, revolutionize your team culture?

“One thing you learn in managing organisations is that every one is watching. The culture in an organisation will be determined by how people are treated. When someone in the workforce is suffering depression it is important to both the individual who has depression and those around them that the situation is managed professionally.
This book asserts the reality that depression is alive in organisations and that we are all likely to encounter someone with depression in our working career. It brings a heightened awareness of the issues of depression to the reader. The new learning for me was that depression can be professionally managed in the work force and in fact this is the right place to manage it.”

John Moller, Managing Director, Exego Group, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia

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“The statistics showing such a large population of people effected by depression in the workplace shows the need for people to be more aware of the symptoms, causes, treatments and ways to deal with it in the workplace. The examples of real people dealing with this illness throughout the book drives the point home.
Not only does Darryl’s work increase your awareness level, but he gives us a practical application intervention model that can be used by any manager to address an issue with an employee.”

Jo Ann Cory Labbie, EdD, CPA, Chief Learning Officer, Gifford Hillegass & Ingwersen, LLP, Certified Public Accountants and Advisors, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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