Depression is expensive – for the depressive, for the depressive’s family and friends, and for the depressive’s employer and co-workers. And we’re not just talking about money; it’s “expensive” in lots of other ways.

Depression doesn’t take time off from work. It trails its victim to the workplace, invading the employee’s daily tasks, and insinuating itself into the employee’s relationships with colleagues and customers. Depression is skilled at engineering a ripple effect that touches every corner of depressed individuals’ lives and those around them.

At work, it is not only lost productivity with employees turning up to work and not really functioning (this is called “presenteeism”), but also being off of work (absenteeism). For example, each employee will on average, take 3-4 days off per month. What does this mean for the employer and organization? What is the cost?

“Managers today need a broader skill base to cover not only shareholder and business expectations but to identify, approach and manage staff with underlying mental health issues resulting from the demands of the 21st century.
This is a practical, easy to read book for all managers to help performance manage staff dealing specifically with depression.”

Bronwyn Wright, Group Quality Systems Manager, Constellation Wines Australia, Reynella, South Australia

It has been estimated that in Australia alone, each full-time employee with untreated clinical depression costs an organization $9,665 per year.

At an international level, It has been estimated that depression costs the U.S. $51.5 billion (US) a year in lost productivity, Australia $4.3 billion (AU) a year, and the U.K. £400 million a year.

In this book, you will discover:

  • The direct and hidden costs of depression in the workplace
  • The causes of depression and why it’s increasing
  • Who is at risk for depression
  • How you can identify depression and how can it be treated
  • How you recognize depression in the workplace
  • How to set up a healthy work culture that is preventative
  • An effective model for managers and supervisors to intervene
  • What to do if you believe your co-worker is depressed
  • What to do if you think that the boss is depressed
  • What to do when a crisis erupts
  • What the consequences are of not intervening

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