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“Dr. Cross makes a compelling case for the importance of managing depression in the workplace.  He clearly lays out the staggering cost implications, and his thorough analysis makes one wonder why so many leading companies fail to provide programs to help address workplace depression.  With so much at stake, clearly more companies need to include mental well-being in their overall approach to employee wellness.”

Paul Kessler, Managing Director, The Syncretics Group, USA, and Co-author of Leading at the Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition

“One thing you learn in managing organisations is that every one is watching. The culture in an organisation will be determined by how people are treated. When someone in the workforce is suffering depression it is important to both the individual who has depression and those around them that the situation is managed professionally.

This book asserts the reality that depression is alive in organisations and that we are all likely to encounter someone with depression in our working career. It brings a heightened awareness of the issues of depression to the reader. The new learning for me was that depression can be professionally managed in the work force and in fact this is the right place to manage it.”

John Moller, Managing Director, Exego Group, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia

“With 10-20% of people in our workplace suffering depression at some stage, Dr. Cross’ book is a timely and valuable resource for managers seeking a practical guide on how to recognise it, and more importantly, what to do about it.”

Rev. Dr. Nick Hawkes, Senior Pastor, Rivergate Christian Community, Athelstone, South Australia

“I have personal experience of how depression can affect people at all levels of business, including the very top, sometimes without them even realising they have it. As a professional speaker, motivator, business owner and writer, I believe Dr. Cross’ book should not only be up there in the ‘must haves’ of every business owner’s bookshelf, but actually in their hands – reading it.” 

Phil Gosling, Disley, United Kingdom, Author of Success Engineering, www.success-engineering.com

“As an executive coach working with key leaders and their staff, I am finding an alarming and growing number of clients suffering from depression in the work place. The competitive nature of workplaces compels sufferers to keep their condition secret and avoid seeking help. The cost to them, their families, their colleagues and their organisations is a silent and unseen haemorrhage of energy, talent and money.

In “The Dark Clouds At Work” Dr. Cross has effectively provided sufferers of depression and all those who have a stake in their effectiveness, welfare and indeed happiness, a powerful and practical manual to understand, recognise and manage this silent scourge.”

Ron Jungalwalla, Quest Group Australia Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Managers today need a broader skill base to cover not only shareholder and business expectations but to identify, approach and manage staff with underlying mental health issues resulting from the demands of the 21st century. This is a practical, easy to read book for all managers to help performance manage staff dealing specifically with depression.”

Bronwyn Wright, Group Quality Systems Manager, Constellation Wines Australia, Reynella, South Australia

“Depression is a growing global issue that at some point we will all encounter whether in the workplace or in our personal lives.  It is a difficult topic to approach in any setting.  Dr. Cross does a fantastic job of breaking it down into easy-to-understand solutions for managers. “The Dark Clouds At Work” is a resource that I would recommend to all the Business Advisors that I work with.”

Tanya Chapman, North America Regional Manager, Mindshop International, Atlanta, Georgia USA

“Wow, what a breath of fresh air for all business owners. As a consultant and trainer working with teams and leaders across Australia this book should be a vital part of the leadership tool box. We witness many organisations and leaders who cannot see the cost and long term suffering of depression in the workplace. Darryl’s work has already had massive personal implications for my business and family and now a guide for my customers, what more could I ask for, brilliant.”

Mike Boyle, Founder and Senior Consultant, Banjar Group, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“The statistics showing such a large population of people effected by depression in the workplace shows the need for people to be more aware of the symptoms, causes, treatments and ways to deal with it in the workplace. The examples of real people dealing with this illness throughout the book drives the point home. Not only does Darryl’s work increase your awareness level, but he gives us a practical application intervention model that can be used by any manager to address an issue with an employee.”

Jo Ann Cory Labbie, EdD, CPA, Chief Learning Officer, Gifford Hillegass & Ingwersen, LLP, 
Certified Public Accountants and Advisors, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“If you want to know how the modern day ‘mental flu’ called depression impacts productivity and the quality of life of the afflicted, you have got to read this book. Well done Darryl.”

Stan Kontos, Entrepreneur/Speaker/Peak Performance Coach, North Adelaide, South Australia